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Elevate Your Loan Offer with the 504 Program, Boost your financing options for small businesses and build strong relationships.

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Why Banks choose the SBA loan program?

The SBA loan program stands out as an astute choice for Pennsylvania banks, especially when catering to a discerning audience well-versed in credit matters. The program’s allure is rooted in its risk-sharing model, enabling banks to provide credit solutions with reduced exposure. This collaboration with Certified Development Companies (CDCs) allows banks to channel resources toward supporting the growth of small businesses while simultaneously fostering financial prudence. The SBA’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and stimulating economic progress aligns harmoniously with banks’ goals of extending credit access to a diverse array of enterprises

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Strategic partner for visionary bankers

Strategic partner for visionary bankers. Strengthen your skills as a banker by partnering with the SBA’s 504 program.
In an ever-changing financial world, visionary bankers seek opportunities that not only benefit their institutions, but also the communities they serve. The Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program offers the perfect platform to become a strategic partner in the growth of small businesses.

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The 504 program is not just a financial transaction, it is an opportunity to make a difference. By helping small businesses thrive, you are contributing to the economic fabric of the communities you serve. Become an impact partner, a leader driving local devel.

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